Kind words and testimonials from our clients….


“I had a very long labor which resulted in an emergency c-section, so rest and healing were essential for my immediate postpartum recovery. Having The Newborn Nurse and their esteemed staff help take care of my son in the evenings so my husband and I could recuperate was a literal lifesaver. I was able to wake up each morning well-rested to take care of my baby and really learn how to be a new mother without the sleep-deprivation.”

-Maren Morris, Country Music Artist 

“The Newborn Nurse has been, by far, the best company we have used for night nursing. Each nurse we were able to have with our family came with a great spirit and a true love for infants. They made us feel very comfortable and provided us the ability to have a good night’s rest. We will continue to use The Newborn Nurse in the future as well as recommend them to our friends and family!”

-Clarke and Kevin Byard, Tennessee Titans Football Player

“The best call we made after the boys arrived was to Rachel! She and her staff kept us sane and well rested and gave us such peace of mind. I really don’t know what we would have done without Rachel and all her wonderful nurses! They are life savers!”

Morgane and Chris Stapleton, Country Music Artists

“Kane nor I have family local right here in Nashville, so we used The Newborn Nurse company (for help with our new baby girl, Kingsley). They were absolutely amazing. If you are a new mama, or just a mama that needs some help, or wants to learn, these nurses are absolutely amazing. I learned so much and they helped build my confidence as a mom and taught me everything. I was scared of everything when I brought Kingsley home, I felt like I couldn’t fall asleep because I had to stare at her all the time. They taught me how to do baths the right way, and take temperatures, and I could ask them any breastfeeding questions…I don’t honestly know how I could have gotten through it without them…We learned so much, we got some sleep, and Kingsley was just in the best hands possible. They are all nurses working in the NICU, or delivering babies, or lactation specialists, and to have them come to the house and hands-on teach us with our baby was just life changing, and made the whole experience even better.”

-Katelyn and Kane Brown, Country Music Artist


“My husband Cameron and I recommend the Newborn Nurse to everyone we know who is expecting. Not only do they give you the peace of mind to truly REST knowing your baby is in the best hands… but Rachel and her team of nurses are also so knowledgeable.

Their collective experience in caring for newborns is priceless and we have loved using them for both of our boys. The most invaluable gift you can give in the postpartum season…. Sleep!”

-Hunter and Cameron Premo, Social Media Influencers


“Rachel has a gift. She loves babies AND Mamas, and recognizes the importance of caring for both. She will put you at ease knowing that not only is your precious baby in the capable, trained hands of a Registered Nurse, but also in the warm and loving hands of a natural nurturer. Moreover, Rachel understands that caring for the mother is essential for the well being of the entire family and offers mothers that same gift of loving care.”

-Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland), Country Music Artist

“Having a baby is a beautiful, stretching, vulnerable, life changing experience. Every nurse that came to help during those tender first days was kind, patient, skillful, and just what we needed as we adjusted from one to two children in our home. I cannot recommend Rachel and all the Newborn Nurses enough! They bring care and compassion wherever they go!”

-Joy Williams, Singer/Songwriter/Music Artist

I had a wonderful friend gift me with 4 day services and one night service. I was so impressed with each nurse!!!! Every one was so kind, helpful, and professional!!!! This was such a wonderful gift!!! It was so awesome to have an expert to be a helping hand! They all provided a wealth of knowledge!!!! I think this is a perfect gift for any mom with a newborn!!!! -Riki W.

Rachel helped get me through mastitis without me having to take antibiotics and gave me (a first time mom) great tips and guidance on breastfeeding my cuddly, little newborn! I am so very thankful to her for all of the time and energy she put into making the breastfeeding journey a much better one for me than how it started. She is super sweet and quick to respond to any questions I have. I couldn’t have done it without her and now I am well on my way to a great, pain-free breastfeeding relationship with my baby boy.” -Alex B. 

“As a first time Mom, I would HIGHLY recommend Rachel and her team! I’ve babysat and nannied children for 15 years, but there’s something about bringing home a newborn that begs for all hands on deck. I was having trouble with my baby keeping his weight up and with breastfeeding. Within minutes, she gave me some practical tips that I’d never heard of and instantly helped us. She’s caring, knowledgeable, and so dang encouraging. I love knowing that I can reach out at any time and get help. At a time that should be so joyful, it’s wonderful to have a service to cut down on all the excess stress. Mamas, their services are worth every penny.” -Heather P.

“I am (exclusively breastfeeding) and returning to work soon, and my 3 month old refuses to take a bottle. Rachel was able to get her to finish a bottle and take a pacifier during her short time with her…and my baby loved her!” -Kristen J.

“I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason – and I am positive that Rachel was sent to be our baby’s first nurse. She is our angel. Our son did not have the easiest entry into the world, and Rachel literally showed us her passion through her work. She loves her babies more than I could ever imagine. She put every single ounce of her energy into making me, a first time mother, feel at ease. She was patient, loving, kind, and immensely knowledgeable. Looking back, I truly don’t believe I would have gotten through it without her…at least I know it would have been a LOT more difficult! Now, if I could just convince her to come and live with us forever!” -Casey

“When we had our second baby we were fortunate enough to have Rachel as our post natal nurse. We were immediately comfortable with her and she did everything possible to ensure we had the absolute best care for us and our baby. We still keep in touch to this day and cannot recommend Rachel high enough.” -Lauren L.

“I attempted to nurse my first three children, and each time I needed assistance with lactation nurses. I was never able to successfully latch my first child, and tried pumping and feeding for about a month before giving up. He was fed formula for the first year of his life, and now he has severe environmental and food allergies, and was just diagnosed with eosinophil esophagitis. I believe this is due to the fact that he was quickly put on formula. My second and third child nursed until about 6 months and I used lactation nurses from the hospital the entire breastfeeding experience with them both. After continuing to still need assistance at 6 months, since I was not able to get a good latch and my children were not gaining enough weight, I gave up and started them on formula. When I was pregnant with my 4th, Rachel told me that she could help with lactation. She met me in the hospital shortly after giving birth and helped me latch on my son. For the first time, I felt like I actually “got it.” A few weeks later, I had another issue, and she came to my house and helped me again. For the first time, I was able to nurse successfully, and continued until baby was ready to stop at 18 months. I was so excited she had actually made it easy for me! When I had baby #5, I knew who to call!! Rachel met me in the hospital to help with my baby’s initial latch. She again followed up at my house to help train me how to adjust my baby’s latch. She was amazing! Nursing had become so much easier than bottle feeding. It made me sad that I didn’t have Rachel help me with my first 3. With #5, she is now 2 years old, and I am trying to wean. I used to say I never could nurse because I had low milk supply. Now I know it was because I never had the proper help. I thank Rachel for helping to make breast feeding easy and painless and for keeping my babies healthy!” -Ali D.

“How very exciting and overwhelming those first days and weeks as a new Mommy can be! There were so many little details to learn about my precious bundle of joy God had given, and I wanted to do everything lovingly and care for my sweet baby girl in the best way. I truly know that the Lord allowed us to have a precious, knowledgable nurse named Rachel Ramsey for a reason! The first moment we met her, we were instantly comfortable and grateful we were in her care for the day. She was so kind it felt like a family member coming to visit the baby. Rachel went out of her way to accommodate anything we needed. How I really wanted to nurse my sweet baby girl, but she and I just weren’t getting the hang of it. The other nurses were helpful, but when Rachel came in to check on us one time, I shared with her how things just didn’t seem to be clicking well. She jumped over to the bed with a smile and said, “I can help!” Teaching me how to really get baby to latch on correctly, we became instant “pros” and I was blessed to nurse Serenity for thirteen months, and later had great success with my baby boy thanks to her simple and effective instruction. She was incredible at answering every question we had while in the hospital and even at home, allowing me to text her with any concerns. Our baby girl loved Rachel’s presence so much when she was upset at the hospital that we named her “The Baby Whisperer.” She is a beautiful person, and there is no one I could recommend more to lovingly help you transition into a beautiful motherhood than Rachel Ramsey.” -Tiffany L.

“April 3rd 2013 was one of the happiest days of my life. Before my baby girl Journie was born, I never thought I would be able to have children, but God saw fit for me to be a mother after 14 years of trying. On the day that she was born Journie had fluid in her lungs and was rushed to the NICU. I was so nervous not knowing what was going on, or what would come about for the care of my daughter. So I prayed, like I always have. I prayed for someone to authentically care for my daughter in my absence. The next day I met Rachel, AN ANGEL! A true woman of God. She was genuine, she was loving, caring, and she listened to me. Rachel was very gentle with all the babies and has a Godly passion in what she does. I cannot repay her, but I think about her all the time. Thank you so much for your spirit of excellence in care for my baby, and for calming me down. She talked about the Lord with me, and in that moment, I knew she was my angel, and I thank her so much. Blessings above blessings to you.” -Larcenia & Journie M.

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