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...Our neonatal nursing team has over 260 years of professional nursing experience with newborns, and we have collectively cared for over 500,000 newborns in our combined careers…

• Expert Neonatal RNs • Night Nurse & Overnight Care • Sleep Training • Daytime Care •  Lactation Support • Support With Multiples • In-Home Baby 101 Class • Newborn Education •

The best call we made after the boys arrived was to Rachel! She and her staff kept us sane and well rested and gave us such peace of mind. I really don’t know what we would have done without Rachel and all her wonderful nurses! They are life savers!”

-Morgane and Chris Stapleton, Country Music Artists


“I had a very long labor which resulted in an emergency c-section, so rest and healing were essential for my immediate postpartum recovery. Having The Newborn Nurse and their esteemed staff help take care of my son in the evenings so my husband and I could recuperate was a literal lifesaver. I was able to wake up each morning well-rested to take care of my baby and really learn how to be a new mother without the sleep-deprivation.”

-Maren Morris, Country Music Artist 


“Kane nor I have family local right here in Nashville, so we used The Newborn Nurse company. They were absolutely amazing… I learned so much and they helped build my confidence as a mom and taught me everything… I don’t honestly know how I could have gotten through it without them…We learned so much, we got some sleep, and Kingsley was just in the best hands possible. They are all nurses working in the NICU, or delivering babies, or lactation specialists, and to have them come to the house and hands-on teach us with our baby was just life changing, and made the whole experience even better.”

-Katelyn and Kane Brown, Country Music Artist 


“The Newborn Nurse has been, by far, the best company we have used for night nursing. Each nurse we were able to have with our family came with a great spirit and a true love for infants. They made us feel very comfortable and provided us the ability to have a good night’s rest. We will continue to use The Newborn Nurse in the future as well as recommend them to our friends and family!”

Clarke and Kevin Byard, Tennessee Titans Football Player


“The Newborn Nurse helped us with Luca SO much postpartum- I truly do not know what I would have done without them! They also had Luca sleeping through the night 3 months in! We are so grateful for this company 🙂 We love them!!!”

-Ellie and Roman Josi, Nashville Predators Hockey Captain


“My husband Cameron and I recommend the Newborn Nurse to everyone we know who is expecting. Not only do they give you the peace of mind to truly REST knowing your baby is in the best hands… but Rachel and her team of nurses are also so knowledgeable. Their collective experience in caring for newborns is priceless and we have loved using them for both of our boys. The most invaluable gift you can give in the postpartum season…. Sleep!”

-Hunter and Cameron Premo, Social Media Influencer


“We had such a great experience with The Newborn Nurse! All of the nurses were wonderful-so kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. We are so grateful for them for helping us through the initial newborn phase-truly a godsend. I highly recommend The Newborn Nurse to anyone who is expecting!”

-Alexa Anglin, Social Media Influencer


“Rachel has a gift. She loves babies AND Mamas, and recognizes the importance of caring for both. She will put you at ease knowing that not only is your precious baby in the capable, trained hands of a Registered Nurse, but also in the warm and loving hands of a natural nurturer. Moreover, Rachel understands that caring for the mother is essential for the well being of the entire family and offers mothers that same gift of loving care.”

-Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland), Country Music Artist


“Having a baby is a beautiful, stretching, vulnerable, life changing experience. Every nurse that came to help during those tender first days was kind, patient, skillful, and just what was needed as we adjusted from one to two children in our home. I cannot recommend Rachel and all the Newborn Nurses enough! They bring care and compassion wherever they go.” –

-Joy Williams, Singer/Songwriter/Music Artist



You have picked out a name for your baby, designed your nursery, and prepared for your labor and delivery, but……

“What are your plans for you and your baby’s care after your come home from the hospital or birth center?”

Having a baby is one of the most exciting times in life! It can also be one of the most challenging! Once you have delivered your baby and left the care of the team at the hospital or birthing center, you still may have many more questions or concerns once you get home, (or simply still need more hands-on care). We are here to support, guide, and educate you as you learn to care for your new baby and your healing body, and we are also here to help you sleep, rest, and recover, so you feel your very best, and can fully enjoy your new baby! Trust your care to an experienced neonatal RN and kick back, relax, and enjoy this special time in life!


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