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*When booking, we are more likely to have availability for you if you book well in advance, and before you deliver. A minimum of 4 weeks notice is ideal when booking with us! Thank you!*

Client scheduling widely varies between families, and we provide a range of care (anything from a minimum of 6 shifts up to several weeks or months of care), based on your specific needs.

**On average, most families book 2-3 days or nights a week for 6 weeks of care.**

All services rendered in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Green Hills, Belle Meade, Murfreesboro, Spring Hill, Mt. Juliet, East Nashville, 12 South, Sylvan Park, Germantown, Leiper’s Fork, and surrounding areas. 


  • In-Home Lactation Consultation
  • Over the Phone Lactation Consultation
  • Baby 101 Class: a 2 hour intensive in-home information session with instructions on how to care for a newborn. (Done a month before your due date)
  • “Show Me the Ropes” Class: a 2 hour in-home class done in the first few weeks after baby is born. We go over any questions regarding your baby, breastfeeding, sleep training, and help you “fine tune” all of your newborn concerns.
  • In-Home Daytime RN Newborn Care (6 hour minimum)
  • In-Home Overnight RN (Night Nurse) Newborn Care (8 hour minimum)

In-Home Mother and Newborn Care include:

Newborn Care:

-Help with bathing, swaddling, diaper changes, cord care, circumcision care, soothing and calming techniques for a crying baby.
-Infant Massage
-Help with feedings (breast or bottle)
-Monitoring feedings and dirty diapers to make sure baby is “getting enough”
-When to notify an MD

Breastfeeding & Breast Pumping Support:

-Help with breastfeeding including latching, sore nipples, instructions on nipple shield use, positioning techniques, milk supply, and instruction on how often and how much to feed.
-Instructions on how to use breast pump, pump assembly, cleaning pump parts, and making sure breast pump is being used properly.
-Breast pump rental information and referral.
-Lactation consultant referrals if more significant issues arise.

Bottle & Formula Instruction:

-Help with formula preparation.
-Instructions on bottle feeding (amount and frequency).
-When to know if your brand of formula is not working for your baby and when to change.

New Mother Postpartum Care:

-Care for vaginal deliveries:  techniques and support on healing the perineal area after delivery.
-Care for cesarean deliveries: incisional care, physical support on how to bend, lift, and move after surgery, pain control, assessing for signs of infection and when to call your doctor.
-Breast care: how to heal and care for sore nipples.
-Support and advice on how to heal and care for yourself after delivery!

Emotional Support

-Assessment, support, and referral for Postpartum Mood Disorders, if needed.
-A kind and listening ear, and constant support person during your postpartum period.
-Nonjudgemental, calming, professional support.
-Providing times of respite for you, when needed, so you can nap, be alone, and recharge, while we watch the baby.

Household Help:

-Errand running (grocery run, picking up RX, post office, dry cleaners)
-Meal prep, nutritious snack preparation, Meal Train coordination.
-Light housework: tidying, mom/baby laundry, dishes, vacuuming.
-Nursery organization
-Breastfeeding station organization

Other Offerings:
-Provide referrals in and around the Nashville area for resources such as massage therapy, chiropractic care, housecleaning, petsitting/dogwalking, Postpartum Depression Support group, breastfeeding support groups, new moms support groups, yoga, baby wearing, photography and videography.
-Sibling care
-Facilitate bonding and education for Father or Partner, and Grandparents.

Contact to book services: 

**The Newborn Nurse does not discriminate, and we pride ourselves on caring for, supporting, and loving all types of new families!**


photos by: Kailee Riches Photography