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*When booking, we are more likely to have availability for you if you book well in advance, and before you deliver. A minimum of 4 weeks notice (or more) is ideal when booking with us! We do not take “last minute” bookings or requests. Thank you!*

Client scheduling widely varies between families, and we provide a range of care (anything from a minimum of 6 shifts up to several weeks or months of care), based on your specific needs.

**On average, most families book 3 days or nights a week for 6 weeks of care.**

All services rendered in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Green Hills, Belle Meade, Murfreesboro, Spring Hill, Mt. Juliet, East Nashville, 12 South, Sylvan Park, Germantown, Leiper’s Fork, and surrounding areas. 


*Please email us at for pricing on anything on our services menu*

  1. In-Home Baby 101 Class: a 2 hour intensive in-home information session with instructions on how to care for a newborn. This class is done a month before your due date, and is limited to expectant parents in the Nashville area.
  2. Over The Phone Baby 101 Class/Consult: a 1 hour intensive phone consult session that covers all of the information from our in-person Baby 101 class. This phone consult is done a month before your due date, and is open to expectant parents all over the U.S. and world (not limited to the Nashville area).
  3. In-Home Daytime RN Newborn Care (6 hour minimum)
  4. In-Home Overnight RN (Night Nurse) Newborn Care (8 hour minimum)

In-Home Mother and Newborn Care include:

Newborn Care:

-Help with bathing, swaddling, diaper changes, cord care, circumcision care, soothing and calming techniques for a crying baby.
-Infant Massage
-Help with feedings (breast or bottle)
-Monitoring feedings and dirty diapers to make sure baby is “getting enough”
-When to notify an MD

Breastfeeding & Breast Pumping Support:

-Help with breastfeeding including latching, sore nipples, instructions on nipple shield use, positioning techniques, milk supply, and instruction on how often and how much to feed.
-Instructions on how to use breast pump, pump assembly, cleaning pump parts, and making sure breast pump is being used properly.
-Breast pump rental information and referral.
-Lactation consultant referrals if more significant issues arise.

Bottle & Formula Instruction:

-Help with formula preparation.
-Instructions on bottle feeding (amount and frequency).
-When to know if your brand of formula is not working for your baby and when to change.

New Mother Postpartum Care:

-Care for vaginal deliveries:  techniques and support on healing the perineal area after delivery.
-Care for cesarean deliveries: incisional care, physical support on how to bend, lift, and move after surgery, pain control, assessing for signs of infection and when to call your doctor.
-Breast care: how to heal and care for sore nipples.
-Support and advice on how to heal and care for yourself after delivery!

Emotional Support

-Assessment, support, and referral for Postpartum Mood Disorders, if needed.
-A kind and listening ear, and constant support person during your postpartum period.
-Nonjudgemental, calming, professional support.
-Providing times of respite for you, when needed, so you can nap, be alone, and recharge, while we watch the baby.

Household Help:

-Errand running (grocery run, picking up RX, post office, dry cleaners)
-Meal prep, nutritious snack preparation, Meal Train coordination.
-Light housework: tidying, mom/baby laundry, dishes, vacuuming.
-Nursery organization
-Breastfeeding station organization

Other Offerings:
-Provide referrals in and around the Nashville area for resources such as massage therapy, chiropractic care, housecleaning, petsitting/dogwalking, Postpartum Depression Support group, breastfeeding support groups, new moms support groups, yoga, baby wearing, photography and videography.
-Sibling care
-Facilitate bonding and education for Father or Partner, and Grandparents.

Contact to book services: 

**The Newborn Nurse does not discriminate, and we pride ourselves on caring for, supporting, and loving all types of new families!**


photos by: Kailee Riches Photography