Expectant Mom Advice from Brand New Moms!

Bringing home a new baby is so very exciting (and can at times be a little nerve-wracking too). As a brand new first time mom, its hard to really know what to TRULY expect! You hear all kinds of stories from friends and family, you read books and try your best to prepare, but until you actually get that sweet new bundle home, you really don’t know exactly how life with a new baby will play out.

I asked a group of new moms from right here in Middle Tennessee what their specific fears, needs, concerns, and suggestions were when they brought home their babies. And I would love to share them with you. Here is a list I have compiled of the feedback I received, and how The Newborn Nurse services can help:



For the mothers who have decided to breastfeed, most feel like they needed more hands on help when they got home. Feedback included: help with latching, help learning how to pump, how to properly position yourself and baby during feedings, being unsuccessful with breastfeeding because mom was unsuccessful with first baby, acceptance of breastfeeding by family members, engorgement, mastitis, how to pump when going back to work, how often to breastfeed your baby, the pressure to breastfeed from others.

The Newborn Nurse can help with ALL of these minor “issues”. We provide help with all kinds of breastfeeding concerns. We have 2 IBCLC RN’s on staff who both have over 25 years of experience. We can do in home, or over the phone consultations. (Many moms benefit with simple tips over the phone). We can help you with latching, how to pump, how to pump before headed back to work, proper comfortable and efficient positioning, engorgement, and mastitis. (In many cases, we can help you overcome mastitis without having to take an antibiotic!!) We can educate you and reassure you on how often to feed, making sure your baby is “getting enough”, and we can also act as a neutral liaison to educate family on benefits of breastfeeding, or buffer your desires for choosing to formula feed instead. (We support each mother’s feeding choices). Also, breastfeeding can be totally different between children. Just because you had an unsuccessful experience with the first does not mean you will with the next. I have seen MANY moms go on to have amazing breastfeeding experience with their second babies, even if the first didn’t work out. We can help with any and all things breastfeeding!

2. Dealing with Anxiety and Depression, what is causing the anxiety, and the most effective ways to address it.

The Newborn Nurse is staffed by all college educated RN’S. We have all taken college courses and continuing education on human psychology and how to read, empathize, and understand when a mother is dealing with postnatal mood disorders. With most new mothers, sleep deprivation is a main component of mood disorders. The Newborn Nurse provides overnight care so that moms can “shut off their brain” and get some much needed sleep knowing that their baby is being watched over by a trained RN. Once the mother is as rested as possible, we look at her nutrition. We have all taken college level nutrition classes, and can help teach her about proper healthy eating during the postpartum period. Beyond that, if mom still feels like there is an issue, we have a Postpartum Depression screening tool that gives us a range on how “at risk” the new mother is. This is confidential, and if the mom scores high, we can recommend she see her OB-GYN for the possibility of taking an antidepressant (which is extremely common during this time), or we can refer her to see a counselor that specializes in Postpartum Mood Disorders. Feeling the blues, anxiety, and depression can be common in new moms. Its great to have a plan for if you experience a mood disorder, and we can walk beside you and help you along the way.

Sometimes a mood disorder stems from simply not really knowing exactly what to do with a newborn. What is normal? What isn’t? When to call a doctor? We can help tremendously in this area, giving your proper and professional newborn education until you are completely comfortable with your new baby.


3. Nursery Planning- what to buy (and not to buy)

We LOVE nursery planning! We can give you up to date suggestions on what equipment and products are top notch and worth purchasing. In our Baby 101 class, we come to your home and can go through what you have purchased to show you how to use it, and if it will be necessary. We have helped new moms choose baby baths, mattresses, car seats, pacifiers, blankets, bottles, and more…..

4. What to expect in recovery from birth.

We all have years of experience with recovering new moms. Whether you have a vaginal birth or c-section, and whether you birth was planned or emergent, we have dealt with all types of deliveries and recoveries. We can help with incisional or episiotomy/perineal care, and pain management (if desired). We can walk and talk you through exactly what to expect during the recovery and healing process, including what to anticipate with your body including breast care, activity levels, and bleeding.


5. “Being able to sleep soundly. Every baby snort, sniff, whimper, and movement woke me”.

We provide overnight services so you can sleep soundly, and fall into deep restorative sleep, while we watch over your baby.


6. We just moved here from another state and didn’t know anything about babies or what to do.

Many of our clients have husbands who go back to work, or family who lives out of state. Many don’t have the support they need surrounding the newborn period. That is where we fill in the gap. We are here 24-7 to provide any kinds of services you may need.


7. Having someone keep up with the latest research on “what’s best”. For example one mom mentioned: cord care instructions were different with my first and third baby.

The Newborn Nurse is dedicated to education, and keeping up with the latest research. Our owner, Rachel, is an active RN, BSN who still works at the hospital and attends continuing education conferences such as the “Learning for Babies” conference held in Franklin annually which educates Neonatal Medical Professionals on the latest research. She is also a member of CAPPA organization, and attends their annual conference for education and latest information in the Postpartum Doula community.


8. Reassurance that everything will be ok.

We are here for you. For ANYTHING. No matter how big or small. Some moms just need a text or phone call for reassurance (and we are here for that anytime). Other moms need in-home hands on help, and we are happy to provide that as well. Without in-home professional care, a new mother is left to ask friends and family, (who usually aren’t professionals), or can call their Pediatricians (who often times ask that the parent bring the baby in to the clinic to be seen). Here at The Newborn Nurse, we fill in that gap. We provide accurate and professional reassurance, education, and emotional support during this special time in your life, and let you know that everything really will be ok!


For any questions, concerns, advice, or to book services, call 615-785-7300, or email us at info@thenewbornnurse.com. We are happy to help you!



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